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Cafe Palazzo Icons

Based in Castle Hill Sydney Australia, Cafe Palazzo are a coffee wholesaler who provide a variety of both specialty and flavoured coffees to meet a wide variety of tastes, in a range of sizes and grind options as well as whole beans.


Brief: Design Icons to best depict the name and flavour of each coffee.

I chose to use the original Cafe Palazzo logo as the general holding device to further extend the brand identity. I then researched each of the various coffees independently to formulate what would best depict each one.


The Flavoured coffees were pretty self explanatory, but the Specialty coffees were a bit more challenging. In the end though they produced two of the most popular Icons - Colombian Supreme and Mocha Java.

Mocha is derived from Ethiopia which I chose to depict with the warm orange African landscape and signature savanna tree. The Java is derived from Indonesia which I chose to depict with the regal Sumatran Tiger.

I chose to use a Toucan to represent it's Colombian origin and combined it with large visuals of the coffee beans to represent the "Supreme" - signifying the large sized beans this particular variant is ground from.

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