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Client: Caffitaly Coffee Pod Systems

Brief: My work with Caffitaly started with the design of a more User Friendly manual for the Caffitaly Pod machines. Woolworths were getting a lot of complaints and returns from people using the then machine incorrectly.


The new manual used a comic style layout to explain all operations step by step. I redesigned the look-n-feel to appeal to a more premium market. 


I was afforded the opportunity to update the then current machine packaging and from there flowed the design of the following 5 models after that, two frothers and the metal engraved Milk Jug packaging.


Other Deliverables:

  • All machine instruction manuals redesigned with step by step info-graphs. 

  • All machine QuickStart guides and Warranty Forms.

  • Machine stickers and Tags

  • Caffitaly Australia Website

  • Helped design pitches for Woolworths store capsule shelving displays, first in-store Cafe and Point of Sale.

  • Woolworths ad campaigns

  • Newspaper Adverts

  • Special Pink Ribbon Machine packaging and marketing material


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