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Client: Mint Fresh IGA

Brief: Design a logo and brand that reflects the owners' passion for fresh produce and exceptionally high standards in service and quality. A new level in IGA that had not been reached before. Bringing boutique quality groceries only available in the city till then, to the Hills District of Sydney. 



  • Logo

  • External Signage 

  • Internal Signage

  • Exterior Finishes - paint, flower box cladding and floors. 

  • Interior Design - mirrors, skylight, vertical garden, equipment and counter layouts, finishes and branding 

  • Cafe counter light box design 

  • Bulkhead Designs throughout the store with exceptionally high quality food photography 

  • Liaising between clients, architects, sign-writers, builders and suppliers

  • Business cards

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Plastic rewards cards and leaflets

  • Trolley and Basket design 

  • Uniform design

  • Banner, pull-up banners and flags

  • Menus, posters and leaflets

  • Price tag design

  • etc

I’m so proud to have been part of establishing this wonderful brand and to be able to say that it has been extremely successful, earning awards, accolades and praise from the IGA community and Hills District at large. The first store started in Castle Hill in 2016 and the two passionate brothers have opened three more stores since then. 


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