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Client: The Honest Chicken

new packaging.

Brief: Take existing logo and help build a brand experience throughout all aspects of the restaurant. A brand that would reflect their passion for honest, good food. 


The Honest Chicken pride themselves on only using true Free Range and Roaming chicken that is free from hormones and chemicals. The food is hearty and healthy and I wanted to make sure that this pride would be reflected throughout all aspects of the brand experience. 



  • Store interior design ....

  • Menu boards 

  • Take-away menus 

  • Signage

  • Food labels

  • Bottled Sauce Labels

  • Promotional material

  • Social media visuals

  • Business cards

  • Loyalty cards

  • Banners

  • External signage at second shop

  • Sports certificates and vouchers

  • Posters 

  • New packaging x 6 different boxes

  • Shopping bag and designed butchers paper


This brand has gone from strength to strength earning business awards and proudly opening a second shop and shortly a third.


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